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Classroom Book A Day

Another way to introduce great literature to kids!

Over the summer I discovered the hashtag #classroombookaday and wondered what it was all about. I had read Donalyn Miller's book The Book Whisperer and knew she had challenge of reading A Book A Day. As I followed these hashtags on Instagram, I soon discovered what would become my favorite way to introduce short stories and great literature to my students. 

I have always been a fan of reading picture books to older students. Either as mentor texts for writing, or discussing story elements and theme, the conversations we would have with great stories was amazing. My wish was to be able to do it more often! Then, along came this idea through #classroombookaday that I could! Every day! My students (I teach 3 classes) LOVED this time. They would gather at the front of the room (some by my feet on the floor) and listen to the story. We started to develop our favorite authors (Peter H. Reynolds, Susan Verde) and our favorite illustrators (Dan Santat is the favorite!). Students were exposed to rich vocabulary, mentor sentences, characters, diverse topics and themes, and just good stories. To hear students compare books during our whole class discussions and partner talks was amazing. They were talking about BOOKS! PICTURE BOOKS! 

I have been recommending to my fellow teachers to give this a try. It only takes a few minutes and helps set the goals and tone of the rest of our class. But the biggest benefit I find is building a sense of community - as learners, as readers, and as a school family. 

This section will be dedicated to books I've used and books on my TBR for Classroom Book a Day. There are many resources out there! Check out the blog by the founder Jillian Heise. There is also a closed Facebook Group #classroombookaday that I am a part of, along with following the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. 


Book Lists

Book Ideas

Below you will find photo collages of books I have categorized by theme/topic as I've introduced to my students. Many, many books can fall into more than one category. Many books come up again and again when we are talking about great literature. This list is like a living document because it will be updated and revised as I find, research, review, and read books! I hope this can be a resource to anyone who wants to try #classroombookaday or anyone looking for ideas for some amazing picture books/mentor texts! I know that there are SO many more books out there to be discovered as well!